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best places to visit in Delhi with Family or Girlfriend

5 Best Places in Delhi, the capital of India has a strong history, full of charming mosques, fortresses, and buildings that are Mongolian culture. The contrast between Old Delhi and its hiking and on the other hand the planned New Delhi is tremendous, and it is interesting to spend time exploring both parts of the city. If you feel the need to relax, just a view of one of the flourishing gardens of Delhi.


Here is a list of the 5 best attractive and places to visit in Delhi. The great thing is that several of them are free! (And you can easily reach them by bus). Or, take one or more of these famous Tours.


1 – Chandni Chowk


This great avenue that part of the Red Fort was one the most important street in the ancient capital of Shahjahanabad, and still now is the spine of Old Delhi.


Always rushing with people and vehicles, the surrounding streets are full of shops that are spread giving rise to neighborhoods specialized in different items, such as Khari Baoli: the market for nuts and spices. Special notice is given to its stalls and local food, famous throughout the city. Take your time and even come back at different times of the day to tour the area without tension and trying delightful specials from here and there.

2- Red Fortress


It is the most popular monument in Delhi and is a notice of the Mongol power in India. Its walls, built-in 1638, extend more than 2 km to keep the invaders away but were invaded by the Sikhs and British. The Sound and Lights Show represent its story.


3 – Jama Masjid


Yes: it is the largest mosque in the country. Agree: if you travel with an earlier paid tourist package you will not have any problem, but I will speak from the point of view of an independent traveler.


The “guardians” of the mosque are scammers, as well as unpresentable ones. The way to Jama Masjid is FREE, being “only” needed to pay 300 rupees for the camera; an exorbitant price that, on the other hand, has multiplied by two and even three in recent years.

4-Swaminarayan Akshardham


It is a huge collection of temples built by the spiritual organization BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha opened in 2005 and is dedicated to making Indian culture known. They have an amazing structure of pink stone and white marble, extensive gardens, sculptures, and boat ride.


5 – Connaught Place


Well, we especially recommended you to visit this place which was Introduced in 1931 under British rule, you can visit there by hiring taxi service in Delhi this commercial area in a certain state of decline has a beautiful Victorian colonial architecture that still recalls its era of splendor.


The ideal time to visit it is at sunset, to first take a street chai sitting on the grass of Central Park that is inside the concentric circles that form its buildings; after mixing in its arcades with the upper class Indians that assault the brand stores , and end up having dinner or a drink in one of its restaurants and pubs , of higher price than those in other areas of the city. Even so, it is no longer the most expensive area in ​​Delhi.